Current Reads: Ebony and Instyle Magazine August 2013 Issue

This month I picked up Ebony and InStyle magazines August issue. Being a 'magazine addict' and a lover of good reads, I allocate monthly funds to a new magazine/book. And this month's choice were Ebony and InStyle magazines. 

Personal favourite high points in the Ebony:
  • 150 Ways to Get Rich
  • Make Extra Cash
  • The Million-Dollar Mind and 
  • Secrets to Success Guide
Basically, August's issue provides a Money Guide and also includes the Black Wealth Challenge, which is a 12-month guide to getting your finances on track. I am not the best person when it comes to budgeting and with one of my personal goals being to save more than I spend, I am all 100% for this issue. 

I am yet to read InStyle issue, but from what I have seen while skipping through the magazine, I am looking forward to read 
  • Traffic Stopper, an insightful article about child slavery and the Somlaly Mam Foundation a non-profit organization committed to ending modern slavery. The Foundation also runs awareness and advocacy campaigns that shed light on the crime of human trafficking and spotlight its brave survivors.
  • Pretty Closet Commandments, which provides tips on smart ways to organize your closet.
I hardly ever purchase InStyle magazines but I think I really bought this magazine for some fashion inspiration, especially being that I have a fashion-accessories blog for women and is currently researching ways in which I am umpf up my blog content for ExclusiveUMPF

I am usually inspired by monthly magazine reads, so of course I will be sharing some of the things I have learnt from my reads. If you are interested on working on your finances, I suggest you grab Ebony's August 2013 issue for some great tips and advice. 

What are you reading this month?

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